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2006 Annual Report

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Our mission has always been to become the recognized global leader in restoring spinal function through minimally invasive therapies. We included the word global quite intentionally: vertebral compression fractures, lumbar spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and other back disorders happen to people all over the world. In Japan alone, we estimate more than 500,000 spinal fractures occur each year just from osteoporosis. Clearly, there is a worldwide need for our solutions, which is why we are focusing resources on making our solutions available worldwide. We have nearly 500 sales professionals around the world and to date have trained about 11,000 spine specialists globally in the balloon kyphoplasty procedure.

These efforts are paying offówe now have revenues in more than 40 countries. As long as people anywhere in the world can benefit from our technology, we intend to be there to provide it to them.

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